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FCC Aqualia, S.A. is the water management parent company of FCC, one of the largest European services groups. aqualia responds to the needs of all parties, private and public, at all stages of the water cycle, providing water for human, industrial, and agricultural uses. Its main activity is the management of municipal water services.

In a short space of time aqualia has positioned itself as a leader in the sector, a cohesive, specialist operator at the forefront of the sector thanks to a highly-specialised and committed team that is constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency in production processes and optimise resources.

This modus operandi, which has enabled aqualia to consolidate itself as leader in the domestic market, is also apparent in export markets, with a strategy formulated to consolidate ambitious but prudent growth overseas.



With 34% of the Spanish indirect water management market, aqualia is present in more than 1,100 municipalities and provides services to more than 28,000,000 people worldwide.

The presence of aqualia throughout Spain demonstrates the ability of the company to adapt to different social and technical realities.

In Spain, aqualia provides services to more than 850 municipal councils. Notable examples of its management and provision of potable water and sanitation services.

In 2010, aqualia became the largest integral water cycle management company in Spain. The boost to the growth of its international business (with the securing of new contracts) and the reinforcement of its diversification strategy were two key factors in 2009.


What people say

A unique perspective on water management.
aqualia's main objective is to ensure the provision of the best possible water quality in sufficient quantities.

aqualia Strategic Quality Plan


Our technology


The design, technology and construction of plants for the treatment of potable and waste water and desalination, which aqualia performs through its subsidiary aqualia infraestructuras, which specialises in the design and construction of potable water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, water reuse plants and desalination plants.



Due to its structure, technological development and experience in project management and excellent quality of service, aqualia infraestructuras is considered a benchmark in the sector around the world. Its has reference projects across Spain and in countries such as Algeria, Egypt, the Czech Republic and Mexico. Its capacity and flexibility allow aqualia infraestructuras to provide solutions from the beginning to the end of a project.





XXI century: From wastewater to Resource Source

Towards a new paradigm based on sustainability, where wastewater now turns into a source of energy, nutrients and simultaneously, a water resource suitable for reuse.

In this context, LIFE MEMORY project targets for the sustainable production of reusable water demonstrating the feasibility of an innovative technology: the Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (SAnMBR).


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With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Community